Résonances de Cartier

A breath of air washes over the stones. Ablaze, they inhale, exhale, the rhythm steady. Life-giving pulse, unwavering oscillations, vital rhythms... A frisson of energy embraces one creation after another. Discover the new Résonances de Cartier Collection.

Résonances de Cartier

Discover the Collection


The Williamson, the Hope, the Tereshchenko… Throughout its history, Cartier has determined the fates of exquisite gems. Diamonds such as the Star of the South, the Jubilee and the Louis Cartier have been cast in a starring role in masterworks of style and light. Coloured, fiery or fabulous, all are stones with a storied past. In honouring their eternal beauty, Cartier has changed the course of history for these legendary gems.


It starts with a stone… then emerges a concept, a preference and images. The basics of the piece are sketched out, allowing the design to capture the essence of the piece it is to become. The sketched concept grows and develops in the mind of the designer, who projects it into space. 

A dialogue, real or imagined, starts between the designer and the rest of the team that will work on the piece. The craftsmen pore over the concept on paper – lines, shadows and colours – before carefully interpreting it using their skills. The magic of Cartier is at work in these conversations between experts, behind closed doors. This is where rare precious stones are transformed into jewellery.